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New Grand Camp Team For 2023-24

At the 133rd Grand Camp held at the Masonic Hall, Shildon on Saturday, 15th April 2023, eight new officers were elected to serve on the team for the coming 12 months.  They will carry out various official duties and work alongside the exisiting officers, and support the work of the new Grand Knight Commander,  KOS Neville Dart.  They are:

AKC Ian Glasper OM - Deputy Grand Knight Commander - 24 Whitworth Enc.

SSKC John Warham - Grand Director of Ceremonies- 147 Erimus Enc.

KOS  Robert Stephenson - Grand Warden of Treasury - 147 Erimus Enc.

KOS K Simpson - Grand Warden of Registry - 147 Erimus Enc.

SKC David Connor - Grand Sentinel - 149 Phoenix Enc.

SKC Simon Polkinghorne - Grand Guard - 151 Sutton Enc.

SKC David Scoon - Grand Usher - 149 Phoenix Enc.

KOS Chris Turner - Grand Steward - 139 Wm Tindale Enc.

A full list of Officers and members of the Grand Executive Committee can be seen on the Grand Camp Officers page.

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