The GUOKGH is a "closed" order which is to say that it's business and ritual is not disclosed to anyone outside of it's ranks.  Most  "Camps" meet weekly although some, subject to local arrangements meet 2-weekly, monthly or quarterly to provide a forum for discussion and fraternal support and "harmony".    Each camp has its own flavour, based around a standard framework, and this is what makes the KGH unique within other fraternal Orders.  

Some camps still enjoy the harmony of an organist although this skill is becoming less common. Vocal harmony monologues, lectures, quizzes, and even karaoke are all enjoyed as forms of harmony these days.

Charity and benevolence are fundamental to the ethos of the KGH. Camps sponsor local and national charitable causes as well as granting aid to those in need.
Camps meet at a range of venues, traditionally on an evening once a week however in response to the demands of modern life some meet less frequently or on a lunch time and they arrange luncheons and other social gatherings as a way to enjoy their own KGH.

Camps publish an annual calendar of events and ceremonials to which Grand Camp Officers and comrades from the other camps are invited to attend.  Visiting other camps has been a long held and continuing tradition of the KGH.
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