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KGH Jewel Found in Texas USA

On Tuesday, 8 March 2022 we received an email from Mr R.M. in Texas to tell us that he had recently purchased, “a beautiful Sterling Silver medal on eBay”.  The seller didn’t know where the medal came from and had tried to research it. The medal only has the dates the person served in the position being recognized and abbreviations for the persons title, what the medal was for and the name of the KGH.    

Mr R.M. carried out some research to puzzle out what it was that he had bought and found out that the medal was awarded to one of our past Grand Knight Commanders from 1980-81. From our web site we can confirm that the GKC at that time was in fact SKC Harry Longbottom of 24 Whitworth Encampment.  Although Mr R.M. did not tell us which “jewel” it was that he has purchased, it is likely that being engraved with the dates 1980-81, being the years Harry Longbottom was the Grand Knight Commander, that it might be the Past Grand Knight Commander’s Jewel. 

From other archive materials that we recovered recently from 142 Dave Morton Encampment, we were able to identify the roles Harry undertook over an 8-year period, but that, as they say, is another story! 

Thanks go to Mr R.M. for taking the time to contact us with his story which was recounted to our comrades at 24 Whitworth Encampment and which we hope you will find of interest. 

KOS Neville Dart, GUOKGH

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