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Above:  Jewels: Companion (Attendance); Knight, Knight of the Shield, Scribes Jewel, Meritorious Service Jewel

1st degree Companion “Attendance Jewel”Awarded after Six Months 

4th degree Sir Knight Councillor Blue Collarette awarded after 6 Years
2nd degree Knight of the Order Jewel awarded after 12 Months 

5th degree Senior Sir Knight Councillor Red Collarette awarded after 11 Years
3rd degree Knight of the Shield Jewel awarded after 36 Months 

6th degree Arch Knight Councillor Maroon Collarette awarded after 21 Years

Order of Merit (OM)

The Order of Merit is awarded by Grand Camp in recognition of conspicuous service to the Order. The OM consists of an illuminated certificate and a jewel.  Each district may recommend one comrade each year for the award of the OM, and upon completion of his year as Immediate Past Grand Knight Commander (IPGKC), each Grand Knight Commander is awarded the OM also. 

The Order of Merit Jewel is shown mounted on the Arch Knight Counsellor collarette, below.

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