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New Grand Camp Officers Elected

At the 132nd Grand Camp of the Order held at the Easington Welfare Social Club on Saturday 23 April 2022, KOS Stephen Preston of 147 Erimus (Middlesbrough) Camp was elected to serve the forthcoming year as Grand Knight Commander of the GUOKGH.  

Stephen will be supported by KOS Neville Dart as Deputy GKC and AKC Chris Lewarne as Grand Director of Ceremonies. 

 AKC Malcolm Welsh OM is the Immediate Past Grand Knight Commander.

The new Grand Auditor is KOS Gary Taylor.

The undernamed officers will continue in their posts:

Grand ScribeSSKCClive Warham OM
Deputy Grand ScribeAKCDavid Mattimoe PGKC OM
Grand TrusteeAKCJeff Daley PGKC OM
Grand TrusteeSSKCMichael Naisbett PGKC OM
Grand TrusteeAKCRichard Trow PGKC OM

Also elected as Grand Camp Officers for the year were:

Warden of Treasury   SKCIan Kent
Warden of RegistryKOSNeil Syres
Grand SentinelSKCJohn Warham
Grand GuardSKCDavid Scoon
Grand UsherSKCDavid Conor
Grand StewardKOSChris Turner
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