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High Honour for Barrie

At the 2022 Grand Camp AKC Barrie Cooper of 24 Whitworth Encampment was awarded the KGHs highest honour, The Order of Merit.  The honour was conferred at a ceremony held at the KGH Headquarters on Thursday evening, 14 July 2022.  AKC Cooper was introduced by AKC Keith Lamb OM and the presenting knight was SSKC George Bramhald PGKC OM.  The Grand Knight Commander, The Most Worthy KOS Stephen Preston was present to witness the ceremony.  As well as the OM jewel,  a certificate confirming the award was also presented by the Grand Scribe, SSKC Clive Warham OM.  Comrades from 24 Whitworth, 65 SJ Slade, 139 William Tindale and 147 Erimus encampments were present. 

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