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GKCs "Last Night" at 147 Erimus Enc.

On Wednesday evening, 22 March 2023, our Grand Knight Commander, KoS Stephen Preston celebrated his last night with his mother encampment, No 147 Erimus Enc.   In addition to those from No 147, the event was attended by comrades from Nos 24 Whitworth and 65 SJ Slade (Spennymoor), and 139 Wm. Tindale (Easington).  KoS Preston was formally introduced to the gathering by the senior Past Grand Knight Commander, AKC David Mattimoe OM of 139 Enc.

The evening included the ceremonial raising to the rank of Knight of the Order GUOKGH performed by KoS Preston GKC assisted by officers from 24 and 147 Encs.

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